"Choose Shandong for you" Dezhou Science and Technology Vocational College 2023 graduates network double selection meeting

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Dear employer:
为深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于帮助高校毕业生“顺利毕业、尽早就业”的重要指示精神,更好地为各用人单位提供优质高效的人才精准对接服务,促进毕业生更高质量更充分就业,学校特举办"Just choose Sandong for you" Texas TechnologyVocational collegeClass of 2023 graduates network double selection meetingYou are cordially invited to attend, and the relevant matters of the job fair are hereby notified as follows:
1. Organizational unit
Organizer: Texas Vocational College of Science and Technology
Technical support: Qilu talent
Second, the time of the event
March 20, 2023 - April 20, 2023
3. Registration method
1. Ways of enterprise participation
The recruitment company enters the recruitment page through the registration portal on the computer side, and clicks "Enterprise Registration" on the page.。Click and enter the account password to log in to register (non-Qilu talent recruitment enterprise users need to register and certification, audit can be signed up), you can post recruitment positions。
Enterprise participation link: http://www.qlrc.com/zhaopinhui/647532.html 
  1. Student participation method (see figure) :
Iv. Description of activities
  1. After the application for the job fair passes the audit, the company will notify the audit result through the Qilu talent SMS platform channel;
  2. After the enterprise passes the review, it can view the contact information of the student resume for free。Businesses can use the "Chat" feature to communicate with students online or via video。Students can interact with corporate HR through the recruitment page and use the "delivery chat" function。
 3. All participating units shall ensure that the recruitment information is realistic, objective and true when publishing the recruitment information。
4. During the period when the epidemic prevention and control is normalized, employers are encouraged to use online written tests and video interviews with instant messaging tools such as wechat and QQ to conduct investigation and selection of graduates。
Special reminder: In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the students, this activity refuses pyramid marketing recruitment, false recruitment, commissioned recruitment, the participating units should strictly regulate the recruitment behavior。If the participant disturbs the recruitment order or violates the recruitment commitment, the organizer will include it in the blacklist of untrustworthy units and cancel the campus recruitment qualification;If the recruitment of participants is suspected to be illegal or illegal, the organizer will investigate its responsibility according to laws and regulations。

5. Contact information
Department of Employment, Texas Vocational College of Science and Technology: 0532-58763658
Technical support: Zhang Qingxia 13326226680
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